Southern hospitality at Amethyst Inn Savannah. Photo  2010 Roger Beall/Amethyst Inn at Sarahs Garden, GA bed and breakfast in Savannah
Historic Savannah Inn's lush garden neighborhood in downtown Savannah GA

What Drives the Fascination and Commitment to Own and Host an Historic Savannah Inn?

After all, innkeeping is a 24/7 business.
Through Jane Reed’s love of cooking, Rocky Reed’s love of gardening -- and the couple’s tenacity to take on big challenges -- innkeeping has become a natural lifestyle at the couple’s family-friend inn. Jane Reed shares the story behind their family’s path to Amethyst Inn at Sarah’s Garden.

In 1992 I felt it was time to leave Colorado and move East. I had sons in Atlanta and Charleston, and a daughter in Miami. I thought that one of these locations might work for me. But after visiting them I realized this was not the case.
I was told, by a friend, that I should check out Savannah.

However, I thought this was not an option. I had never been there and knew no one. But, I went anyway and was pleasantly surprised.
It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the city. And, within a week I had found a Victorian home to purchase -- – 611 Whitaker Street, across from Forsyth Park. It was in my eyes beautiful, or at least had the potential to be.

It was condemned – no heat, electricity, etc. But, there was a carriage house that did have running water, some electricity and no heat. And it worked for me.

But after many different experiences (best told during appetizers) and seven months later, I met someone in Savannah from the same town up north, and with the same name as me. He actually had the same name as one of my brothers – Richard Reed. We both left New Jersey the same year and 23 years later we met in Savannah.

There is more to this story and, again, a great one to tell to our guests.
It wasn’t long before Rocky was helping me restore the property. At some point we decided it would make a great B&B. It took 4 years to restore.

During that time we married and had a daughter. This changed things a little, and we decided to find something bigger-- a place that would be more suitable for a small child. We bought what would become “Sarah’s Garden” the day before Sarah’s first birthday – May 1996.

We restored this property and turned this home into a bed and breakfast inn – Amethyst Inn at Sarah’s Garden. It is one that we want our guests to feel like they have a home away from home -- one where we cater to our guests’ wistful needs while on vacation in Savannah.
Our wish is that we help make your visit to our Savannah Inn a very memorable one!

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