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Southern hospitality at Amethyst Inn Savannah. Photo  2010 Roger Beall/Amethyst Inn at Sarahs Garden, GA bed and breakfast in Savannah

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An Historic Savannah Inn:  What Drives the Fascination and Commitment to Own and Host an Historic Bed and Breakfast?

Historic Savannah Inn | Savannah Historic District | Family Inn | Savannah Inn

For these on-premises innkeepers, Savannah innkeeping is a 24/7 business.
Through Jane Reed’s love of cooking, Rocky Reed’s love of gardening -- and the couple’s tenacity to take on big challenges -- innkeeping has become a natural Savannah lifestyle at the couple’s family-friendly inn in the downtown Savannah historic district. Jane Reed shares the story behind their family’s path to Amethyst Inn at Sarah’s Garden

In 1992 I felt it was time to leave Colorado and move East. I had sons in Atlanta and Charleston, and a daughter in Miami. I thought that one of these locations might work for me. But after visiting them I realized this was not the case.
I was told, by a friend, that I should check out Savannah. However, I thought this was not an option. I had never been there and knew no one. But, I went anyway and was pleasantly surprised.
It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the city. And, within a week I had found a Victorian home to purchase -- – 611 Whitaker Street, across from Forsyth Park.

It was in my eyes beautiful, or at least had the potential to be. It was condemned – no heat, electricity, etc. But, there was a carriage house that did have running water, some electricity and no heat. And it worked for me.
But after many different experiences (best told during appetizers) and seven months later, I met someone in Savannah from the same town up north, and with the same name as me. He actually had the same name as one of my brothers – Richard Reed. We both left New Jersey the same year and 23 years later we met in Savannah. There is more to this story and, again, a great one to tell to our guests.

It wasn’t long before Rocky was helping me restore the property. At some point we decided it would make a great B&B. It took 4 years to restore. During that time we married and had a daughter. This changed things a little, and we decided to find something bigger-- a place that would be more suitable for a small child. We bought what would become “Sarah’s Garden” the day before Sarah’s first birthday – May 1996.

We restored this property and turned this home into a bed and breakfast inn – Amethyst Inn at Sarah’s Garden. It is one that we want our guests to feel like they have a home away from home -- one where we cater to our guests’ wistful needs while on vacation in Savannah.

Our wish is that we help make your visit to our historic Savannah Inn a very memorable one!

Jane and Rocky Reed